31 January 2018

Adam's War With Big Oil Is As Relevant As Ever!

Big Oil dominates the Little Guy in Aqualene

Under our current Administration is big better for America? Or is it worst, given the posture of those Big players? Will citizen's do better to have many of our nation's public policies in the pockets of the super rich?

Aqualene and all of it struggles for a fair whack at clean energy becomes as relevant as ever.  Perhaps more so!  It seems Adam will not be alone in his fight for energy that ceases to molest of lands and waters. With the EPA being gutted and downsized, there will be many more "little soldiers" out there fighting to protect our soils, riverbeds, ecosystems, oceans, and the air we breathe.

Is Washington giving license to industrialists like Rodney Panach to snatch and grab public land, ignore hard-fought standards of toxic waste dumping, and unleash more toxic emissions into our skies and rivers, in the interest of realizing record-breaking profits?  Are the gains on Wall Street an indicator of healthy growth?  Or do share values reflect the tax breaks big players will soon enjoy?

Local communities hold the key to policing corrupt politicians.  We sold the farm, sort of speak, to a divisive White House and Congress.  Perhaps now it's up to our state and local officials to step back and re-assess their values of how to best serve the interest of our nation. Sounds piecemeal?  It is. 
It was the small local battles that made our greatness come to be.  Not the stroke of a few mighty pens in Washington.  It has always been the grassroots efforts of state and local communities.

As the author of Aqualene, I believe Americans must embrace the struggle from the ground up. Give within your local communities to organizations who put themselves on the line to uphold the truths of our nation.  Moderates rejoice!  It is your thinking and action that will bring logic and reason back to the U.S.A. in local battles against selfish Big interests. In Washington State where I live, WashPIRG and Washington CAN have done much to rally citizens and send clear messages to our state legislators about what is important to us.

I intended that Aqualene provide its readers an inspiring catalyst for action.  The story, though fictional, reveals many truths about our economy and the concentration of top-down power in America.  Adam's clean-fuel victory is BIG in Aqualene, but all victories against greed and unbridled power are signifiant, one battle at a time.

11 November 2015

Screenplay in the Making

Aqualene's story is currently being written for the big screen!
   Since July 2015, the process of adapting the novel into a feature length movie has been in the making. Opening scenes treat the viewer to a quick backstory of NASA's tragic loss of the Aqualene formula. An intrepid Adam Harlow attends a briefing on the UW campus in Seattle and soon finds himself wading up to his neck in danger, triggered by a precarious breakthrough in his dingy underground lab.

  Aqualene's screenplay (at this point) stays true to the novel's version, with a few trimmings to make room for heightened action scenes. Big Oil's Rodney Panach remains as evil and demented as ever, while the innocent lives of millions are at risk of losing everything.

   The screenwriting stage is quite early in the movie-making process, and offers no guarantee the project will  land in your local movie theater.  But there's a fighting chance for Aqualene!  Edits and changes are common in the industry, but often to the betterment of the project.

   If you or a loved one enjoys energy related suspense with generous helpings of drama and science, you can find AQUALENE at Amazon's book store for the holiday season.  Also, the High Country News publications often carry a small ad for the book.

Purchase Aqualene for just $11.75 a copy.  Or ask for Aqualene at your local library!

Stay tuned...and have a happy holiday season!


28 August 2014

Aqualene is Republished and Costs Less!

With increasing credibility as a realistic energy breakthrough novel, Aqualene received a light edit this summer and is out there raising hackles and eyebrows again among eco-minded readers.  This fictional account of a young engineer's possession of a remarkable fuel formula, sought after by Big Oil, is among those few books on the market offering readers perspective of the vast influences of vested energy interests, through a high-action entertaining story.
From Seattle's Underground, to the International Space Station, to a secret refinery in California, characters in Aqualene are highly intelligent and savvy people determined to make things right in desperately dark near-future times when gasoline is rationed and economic chaos reigns.
The novel is cheaper now under a new publisher and is available through most booksellers or can be downloaded as an e-book.
Recent reader reviews can be found at Amazon's posting of Aqualene.

P K Brown

21 July 2014

Is Cheap Clean Power Generation Closer than We Think?

Full steam ahead (without the steam) for Blacklight Power Inc in making cheap clean electricity for the U.S. and beyond.
Teeming with new business partnerships, coupled with major R & D  successes, Dr. Randall Mills and his engineering forces at Blacklight Power have unveiled more good news on their ability to offer inexpensive electricity from high-density optical energy release by harnessing hydrogen molecules in water.  Moreover, Mills asserts this method of tightly bonding hydrogen's dark matter employs existing technology and hardware. He goes on to remind skeptics and concerned parties that Blacklight is NOT a form of nuclear energy, but rather a powerful release of light particles that is converted into vast amounts of electrical current through highly efficient voltaic cells, which are becoming standard in the industry.

By compressing molecular bonding at which electrons are closer (1/4 the distance) to their corresponding protons, a natural release of light energy measures 200x that of hydrogen in its conventional state. To hear this has raised many eyebrows in anxiety that such technology is extremely volatile and therefore dangerous.  Not so, according to Mills, claiming the shock wave from this energy release is very small, measuring about 10% over atmospheric pressure. At sea level, it seems, such impact would add a mere 1.4 psi to the immediate airspace; nothing like current physical "pressure-volume" processes burning hydrocarbons to heat a liquid medium and spin a turbine. Blacklight Power produces no carbon emissions, according to Mills.

A typical power-generating device that would be manufactured under license through Blacklight Power would be compact and light-weight, supplanting coal and nuclear fired systems that have cost billions to develop and build. Mills holds that manufacture and installation of his company's generators would create a major shift in the industry and provide employment to thousands to make this new technology fully operational.  Instead of transmitting alternating current hundreds of miles and then converting it to direct current, the Blacklight system would become much more localized and therefore remain DC from its generation phase all the way to consumption. Since fuel in this case is a minute quantity of ordinary water from the atmosphere, the systems could be installed anywhere.

To learn more about Blacklight Power, visit their website (blacklightpower.com).  Under the PRESS tab you can read and hear the latest news releases. Since January 2014 many exciting developments have transpired at BLP. Randall Mills states in an interview that his systems are not decades ... or even years away from reality.

My two burning questions: At what possible date will these devices be on the market and available to cities and municipalities across the country?  How will this technology truly impact existing utilities that have invested billions of tax dollars in conventional power generation and delivery systems?

P K Brown
Author of  Aqualene: High Adventure to Clean Energy

03 June 2014

Aqualene Book Talks

A number of academic institutions are beginning to include Aqualene as a viable component to their Sustainable Energy studies.  In many high schools Aqualene offers an exciting reading experience while developing useful knowledge of contemporary energy issues through compelling "what if ..." scenarios.

Below is a list of questions created to drive meaningful discourse in any book group!

How does Adam Harlow’s perception of the petroleum industry influence his desire to help resurrect NASA’s Aqualene formula?

Discuss personal and career experiences that made Adam better qualified to successfully find Aqualene’s complex formula?

Throughout much of the story Adam confides in Moi Song—but later falls into serious doubt about her loyalty.  Identify turning points in the story that shed doubt about her integrity.  What evidence later proves she is trustworthy?

Some readers say Dell Jackson is foolish to collaborate with Adam on his farm east of Bellingham.  What scenario validates such a point?

Despite William Striker’s contempt for members aboard ISS, how does the author convey a benevolent side of the colonel? 

How can we account for the fact that Dr. Mann and Dr. Tanaka, both prominent scientists, are so different in character and likeability?

Greg Walker manages to play a significant role in bringing resolution to the rift between Adam and Moi.  How does his character make him the right choice for this role?

A blend of geologic wonder and mass quantities of saltwater provide the compounds for producing a fuel far superior to gasoline.  How do the Apollo missions of the 1970s contribute to Aqualene’s extraordinary breakthrough?

During his reign at Admiral Petroleum, Rodney Panach rejects any station in life short of absolute power.  Discuss a range of circumstances that threaten to erode his grip on the energy industry, aside from Aqualene replacing gasoline.

Given the positives of producing a clean and efficient fuel like Aqualene, consider in your discussions any negative impacts of introducing a miracle fuel on the energy market today.   What national and economic stakes are at risk?   Why?

16 April 2014

What if U.S. Power Generation Could Be Many Times Cleaner...Safer...Cheaper?

   It stretches the imagination to understand the notion of building more coal fired plants. And yet this discussion comes up in the news with such polarizing vengeance. Makes one wonder what's behind it, what with all the cleaner technology available in America today. Coal-fired power generation is widely known to be scientifically backward, environmentally insane, and a major cause of respiratory disease around the world. In tandem with certain vested interests pressing for increased coal production, anti-nuclear advocates are fueling a campaign to all but dissolve the light-water nuclear reactor. This movement has been particularly driven by the Fukushima meltdown caused by the 2011 tsunami.
   But what if...? What if nuclear energy could be a hundred times safer, and its waste product required a containment period one thousand times shorter than present uranium byproduct?
   Historically speaking, liquid thorium fuel reactors using molten salt coolants enjoy a reputation for safe and efficient means of powering turbines than uranium based plants that have become the norm. This begs the question of why hasn't reactor technology that draws upon a much more abundant element been more aggressively developed? In whose best interest has it been to rely on elements many times harder to come by?  How is it that America and the rest of the modern world (except India) can march along blindly with nuclear technology that is based essentially on warmed over efficiency standards founded in the 1960s?
   Around the world an incredible resource of clean and efficient energy can be found in shallow deposits that are so abundant that digging for it would cost a fraction of what is spent to extract uranium or mine oil deposits. Thorium is an abundant metal that is packed with energy. It has been used in early versions of reactors yet by no accident has taken a backseat to what we harness today.  Decades ago when the United States committed to uranium fuel and pressurized-water reactors for its nuclear energy program, other viable technologies were set aside. Now there is a growing re-emergence of the liquid thorium fuel reactor for its potentially low cost to produce, and a near absence of toxic fission product, compared to that of uranium-based reactions.
   Developed further, thorium has the potential to offer additional forms of energy, including transportation applications. Kirk Sorensen is the founder of The Energy From Thorium Foundation, which seeks to educate members of the energy community through online forums. A graduate of Georgia Tech, Sorensen co-founded Flibe Energy Inc. with the intent of developing the liquid-fluoride thorium reactor (LFTR), which he believes can someday replace old-school uranium reactors as well as outdated coal-fired power generation.
   Much more on this remarkably clean and abundant energy resource can be found at: Energy from Thorium. Truth is, advocates for outmoded, obsolete energy sources have less of a technical or political leg to stand on, thanks to innovative individuals like Kirk Sorensen.  PKB

18 March 2014

Cadillac's Ad a Win for Clean Energy!

Carefully crafted to raise your eyebrows...and mine, Poolside's arrogant millionaire confronts Americans with the notion of grappling for a lofty station in life through hard work, and (if you can imagine it) common sense choices about energy consuming vehicles.

For me, Mr. new green's branded attempts at snubbing sanctioned holidays abroad need not put the average joe off while a suggestive wink says Americans are of more grit than our European counterparts. This bit of Hollywood smear hardly needs to imply right-wing innuendos screaming "sit and spin," you liberal leftist fools!  Not when we factor in the implications of a bigger picture here.

Setting politics aside, the fact Cadillac is marketing to the rich with a cleaner more efficient "hybrid" for a Romney or a Rockefeller need not be a slap in the face to the driver of a Prius or other glorified golf cart engineered to save gas and protect our atmosphere. No, let us basque in the glory of atonement, as the blinders of nay-sayers shall peel back. Indulge thou whims in the opulence of clean, silent travel as real-time stock trades, hastened by the scent of elegant cigars in the privacy of luxury hybrids, may be transacted with pride...and a little less prejudice.

Fret not you commoner! GM's clever ad campaign can be viewed a timely accord to the high & mighty, crafted to bridge the ideological gulf that so relentlessly divides America today. Is that "compromise" I smell in the air? Next time you plug in at the local Walmart or Costco, there's no telling what sort of company might pull up along side you to share the grid. Like Plug-ins, wallets too come in all motivations and persuasions.

So, I say to those of us towing the line to bring clean alternatives fully into the 21st century, despite destructive politics and collapsing alliances across the aisle, rise up and breathe easier! Mega corporations are now rolling up their sleeves and spending millions to perform marketing miracles.  PKB